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Sonicare Power Brush Makes Melbourne, Florida Smile!

The Skinny on Brushing

Your mouth is a portal to your entire body. Proper teeth brushing prevents bacteria from entering your bloodstream and posing life-threatening health risks. Your dentist can help reduce the risk of plaque-related problems with professional cleanings, but ultimately, you are responsible for maintaining your daily oral hygiene. Most people think that teeth brushing is a simple procedure that doesn't need much explanation. The truth is that your teeth are complex structures that have several layers: enamel, dentin, pulp, and nerve. Each layer must retain its integrity in order to prevent irritation and decay. Improper or aggressive brushing can damage the dentin layer and result in increased sensitivity.

What a Sonicare Toothbrush can Do for You

Regular toothbrushes require force to remove plaque. Imagine that each tooth in your mouth is a hard boiled egg. Every day you rub the shell of the egg with an abrasive surface. Eventually, the shell (enamel) wears down, and the soft egg white (dentin) is exposed. Power toothbrushes, like the Sonicare toothbrush Dr. Richardson recommends, decrease the force applied to teeth by half and remove 15% more plaque. This allows you to maintain more of your tooth structure while simultaneously preventing plaque-causing bacteria from building up in your mouth and your bloodstream.

Clinical Studies

Ten to twenty percent of the population suffers from tooth sensitivity as the result of exposed dentin. The cause is usually a combination of improper brushing, diet, and the inevitable - aging. A recent study comparing rotating power brushes and sonic power brushes stated that rotating brushes were more effective in decreasing tooth sensitivity. The American Dental Association recommended a follow-up study to test these findings. Fifty-nine patients tested over a period of eight weeks found that Philips Sonicare power brushes reduced tooth sensitivity by 35-40%. This study proves that compared to rotating power brushes, the Sonicare power brush is effective in decreasing hypersensitivity.

Sonicare power brushes will help you maintain optimal oral and overall health and may improve your quality of life. Visit Dr. Richardson today to purchase your Sonicare power brush, and give your teeth the gentle, effective care they need to serve you well for years to come.

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