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Family & Children’s Dentist in Melbourne

A healthy smile is important at any age. That’s because all smiles, no matter how young or old they might be, are vulnerable to common conditions, like tooth decay and gum disease. As a parent, then, it’s important for you to have a family dentist you trust to meet your family’s important needs.

At Dr. Trantham’s Melbourne dental office, you’ll find the family and children’s dental care you’re looking for. Our compassionate, experienced team is ready to help your whole family with a range of services, including regular checkups and professional cleanings.

smiling family of four

Importance of Oral Health

Why are services like these so important for family and children’s dentistry? Because of the difference they can make for your health—and not just your oral health, but your overall health. A healthy smile makes it easier to enjoy nutritious foods and to smile and laugh with confidence. It also supports your overall well being. More and more medical studies are proving that a link exists between oral health and a range of conditions, including:

  • Respiratory ailments
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Diabetes
  • Pregnancy complications

Developing Healthy Habits

Regular checkups and cleanings from a family and children’s dentist are meant to stop cavities and gum disease before they start, or to treat them at an early stage before they require complex treatment.

That’s not all a family dentistry office like Dr. Trantham’s in Melbourne is concerned with, though. We also want you and your children to develop healthy habits. What kinds of healthy habits? Brushing and flossing are the biggest. As important as professional cleanings are, brushing and flossing every day is vital. Because of that, we may offer you or your child some helpful oral care tips during your family’s next family dentistry visit, all to make your home care routine more effective.

Protecting Your Teeth

But besides assessing oral health and cleaning teeth, your family and children’s dentist may also use another service, like dental sealants or fluoride supplements, to give teeth—especially developing teeth—extra protection. Dental sealants physically protect teeth from decay, while fluoride nourishes them by attracting important minerals. Children may benefit the most from these, but adults can also benefit as well.

Schedule a Family Visit

How long has it been since you or your child’s last visit with a family dentist like Dr. Trantham? Call our Melbourne office today to reserve a visit for yourself or your children. We create beautiful smiles for patients living in Melbourne, Satellite Beach, Suntree and beyond.

Our dedicated team genuinely looks forward to serving your every oral healthcare need. Send us an email or call today for a consultation, and discover the difference our patient-centric approach can make in your next dental experience.

Helping Patients Achieve Beautiful Smiles