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Teeth Whitening in Melbourne

What can you think of that would boost your self-esteem and create a more youthful appearance in just one hour? With as many great cosmetic dentistry services as there are out there, only one can have that kind of effect in that amount of time—teeth whitening. Studies have shown that teeth whitening, the number-one requested dental service, is thought by six out of ten people to increase confidence levels and open a surprising amount of business, social, and romantic opportunities.

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Professional Teeth Whitening

As a skilled cosmetic dentist in the Melbourne area, Dr. Trantham sees hundreds of patients each year who want a dazzling, movie-star smile. Using a professional teeth whitening kit is the most effective way to do that. To help his patients from Melbourne and beyond finally achieve the kind of radiant smile they’ve dreamed of, Dr. Trantham often recommends the take-home whitening tray system. As one of the most effective teeth whitening systems available, teeth whitening can help patients with a variety of whitening needs.

At-Home Teeth Whitening

For patients in Melbourne and beyond who would prefer the comfort and convenience of at-home whitening, teeth whitening is an especially effective service, making it even easier to accomplish their cosmetic goals. With teeth whitening, brightening your smile at home is easy. Simply line the clear, custom-made whitening trays you receive from Dr. Trantham with the powerful teeth whitening gel and wear then for about one hour a day for 10-14 days, or as otherwise directed. The most dramatic results will appear after one to two weeks, but it only takes a few treatments for you to see changes in your smile. After a handful of uses, your smile will already look whiter and more beautiful than it has in a while.

What Can Teeth Whitening Do For You?

Besides improving your self-esteem, your healthy, dazzlingly white smile will turn heads and positively impact your lifestyle. Find out how much one hour can change your life. Call Dr. Trantham today and set an appointment to see if you are a candidate for take-home whitening. We create beautiful smiles for patients living in Melbourne, Satellite Beach, Suntree and beyond.

Our dedicated team genuinely looks forward to serving your every oral healthcare need. Send us an email or call today for a consultation, and discover the difference our patient-centric approach can make in your next dental experience.

Zoom! Whitening in Melbourne

After brushing and flossing, do you look in the mirror and wonder why your clean teeth look dingy or yellow? You may have even tried a home whitening system, but found the results disappointing. If this is your life, you need Zoom! Whitening.

Every day, your teeth get a thorough workout. While the top layers are made of durable enamel and dentin, they can become discolored by wine, tea, coffee, or tobacco. Even medication, antibiotics, excessive fluoride, and aging can cause stains and discoloration.

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The Zoom! Whitening Process

After making yourself comfy in our operatory chair, we’ll place protective coverings over your lips and gums. Then we’ll apply the Zoom! Whitening gel to your teeth. The active ingredient in the gel is a pH-balanced hydrogen peroxide. A special low-heat light will activate the gel. It will penetrate the enamel and dentin in your teeth to remove deep stains and discoloration. Afterward, we will apply a fluoride treatment to complete the one-hour procedure. That’s it – in and out. Zoom!

Patient Results

Many patients report that Zoom! Whitening has made their teeth six to ten shades whiter. Some have even said that their smile became brighter days after their dental appointment. More importantly, the results lasted for years. If you notice any discoloration, the Zoom! Whitening System includes a take-home touch-up kit with comfortable custom-made trays. Regular brushing and flossing, plus an annual touch-up at home, and your teeth can remain dazzlingly white for years.

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Our dedicated team genuinely looks forward to serving your every oral healthcare need. Send us an email or call today for a consultation, and discover the difference our patient-centric approach can make in your next dental experience.

Helping Patients Achieve Beautiful Smiles