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Oral Cancer Screenings with OralID

Our office strives to bring it’s patients state-of-the-art technology to provide the latest advancements in oral health. We have recently introduced the OralID screening device into our office. The OralID examination will allow us to visualize any oral mucosal abnormalities including cancer and dysplasia(pre-cancer) before they can be detected with the naked eye. The procedure is quick, painless and no rinses or dyes are used.

Similar to other cancers, early detection of Oral Cancer is critical. Studies have shown that early detection of Oral Cancer with technologies like the OralID dramatically improves the survivability of the disease. If oral cancer is detected in its later stages, which typically occurs during a conventional oral cancer exam, the chances of survival are dramatically reduced.

Who Is at Risk?

  • Age 17 and older
  • People who use tobacco products
  • People who consume alcohol
  • People with HPV infection

If you have any questions about risk factors, please feel free to talk to our hygiene team at your next appointment. We recommend all our patients be screened with the OralID to reduce late stage diagnosis of Oral Cancer.

We care about you! Therefore we have committed to include this screening at your regular cleaning visits at no additional cost to you. All new patients receive an OralID screening at no additional cost!

Helping Patients Achieve Beautiful Smiles