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Care to Share Program

We want to thank all of our patients for your support over the years. A referral is the greatest compliment we can receive from our patients. Historically our best new patients come from our wonderful existing patients. So if you are pleased with us, tell all of your friends! As a way to say thank you, when you send us a referral, you will qualify for our Care To Share Program outlined below. Thank you for your continuing support that allows us to serve your family and friends!

How Does the Care to Share Program Work?

When it comes to promoting the benefits of our office, nothing beats word-of-mouth referrals. As a patient of ours, we respect your opinion. Those casual conversations with your friends, co-workers, and neighbors can have a tremendous impact on their decisions regarding their next dental health care provider. This program allows you to refer your friends, co-workers and loved ones, with the opportunity for you to benefit from it.

Referrals give your friends and neighbors a way to feel confident in their decision to use our services. We will provide care with unsurpassed quality, in an environment where your friends will feel like part of the family.

When you refer a friend or family member we will credit your account $50. We’ll also give your referral a We would like it to say $50 credit towards their first visit, which includes a comprehensive exam, cleaning, and necessary x-rays.

Our way of saying thanks for your support!

There’s no limit to how many patients you can refer, or $50 credits that you can earn! So go ahead and spread the word.

Helping Patients Achieve Beautiful Smiles