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Melbourne General Dentist

A shocking study by the American Dental Association shows that about 30% of Americans go without dental care each year. The reasons vary, but results are the same. Lack of regular dental care contributes to, and even exacerbates, serious health problems like heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. General and cosmetic dentist Dr. Ron Richardson cares for many patients who have procrastinated routine dental care. While it's never too late to get started, the old adage of "the sooner the better" certainly is true when it comes to your teeth!

Biannual dental check-ups can allow early detection of tooth decay and oral cancer, a serious health threat. Periodontal (gum) disease, the leading cause of tooth loss in adults, can be easily caught and treated with routine exams. Gum disease can also create halitosis, so if you suffer from this embarrassing condition, let our hygienist know. We offer a strong and effective breath treatment to alleviate embarrassing halitosis (bad breath).

You may have never considered that a dentist could relieve TMJ pain, migraines, or snoring, but Dr. Richardson offers convenient, comfortable oral appliances to improve your quality of life and give you a reason to smile!

Regular, six-month dental exams should be an important part of your overall healthcare routine. Call our Melbourne, FL office today to set up your appointment. Our office is convenient for West Melbourne and Palm Bay patients, too.

Our dedicated team genuinely looks forward to serving your every oral healthcare need. Send us an email or call today for a free consultation, and discover the difference our patient-centric approach can make in your next dental experience.

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