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4 Big Benefits to Melbourne Implant Supported Dentures

September 11, 2017

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older woman smiling bigIf you are missing or on the brink of losing a significant number of teeth, you are certainly not alone. According to the American College of Prosthodontists, the majority of adults in the United States are missing at least one tooth — most often the result of poor oral hygiene or a lack of access to dental care.

No matter how the tooth loss occurred, the important thing is finding an effective tooth replacement ASAP. And you really can’t do better than Melbourne implant supported dentures! This is an overdenture that’s held in place with sturdy posts rather than resting on your gums like traditional dentures.

There are 4 big reasons why it’s the best decision you can make for your smile. Keep reading to find out what they are.

#1: Better Oral Health

Your teeth’s roots bring important blood flow and nutrients to the jawbone. So when you are missing teeth, your jaw does not receive the good stuff it needs to stay healthy and whole — and it will gradually diminish as a result. The effect is especially significant for people who are missing a number of teeth.

Dental implants are the only option that replace your missing teeth’s roots as well as the visible portion. Traditional dentures rest on the gums, and may slip or slide around if they don’t fit just right (and many don’t).

#2: Improved Overall Well Being

Ill-fitting dentures are not only uncomfortable, they can also put your overall health at risk. When you do not feel comfortable eating what you want, your diet and nutrition are likely to suffer. People who have loose dentures may stick to a soft, bland diet. Only implant-supported dentures allow you to eat what you like, when you like, with total ease.

And because they fit just like they should for years to come, dentures that are retained by dental implants won’t rub blisters in your soft oral tissues. Oral wounds can leave you vulnerable to infection that spreads throughout the body — but dental implants greatly reduce that risk.

#3: The Most Convenient

Traditional dentures may be completed more quickly than ones that are retained by dentures, because you do not have to undergo a procedure to get them. But over time, patients find that dental implant prosthetics are far more convenient. When you can eat, speak, and smile with ease, you don’t have to worry about shuttling back and forth from your dentist’s office or paying for multiple fittings. With dental implants, your teeth fit just like they should from day one and for years to come!

#4: A Lasting Investment

Dental implants cost more upfront than a non-implant option, but given their significant benefits and the fact that you will probably not ever need to replace them, they end up being the best financial investment you can make overall. After all, a confident, lasting tooth replacement is just about priceless.

If you believe you are a candidate for dental implants, you owe it to yourself to find out more about implant supported dentures. Your smile deserves the very best!

About the Author

Dr. Ronald E. Richardson is a trusted provider of comprehensive dentistry for patients of all ages. To learn more about your options in general, cosmetic, or implant dentistry, including implant supported dentures in Melbourne, do not hesitate to contact the office at 321-723-3477.

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