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Melbourne cosmetic dentist tells about Invisalign

January 1, 2015

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Melbourne cosmetic dentistConsidering Invisalign? Learn more about fast, effective and invisible orthodontic treatment from Melbourne cosmetic dentist, Dr. Ronald Richardson Jr.

You are finally getting your teeth straightened and wonder if Invisalign clear aligners are an option. Your Melbourne cosmetic dentist, Dr. Ronald E. Richardson, fully informs his patients about living with Invisalign and if this modern orthodontic system could work for them.


What is Invisalign?

The Invisalign system is a series of custom-made clear plastic aligners which gradually correct mild to moderate orthodontic problems such as gaps, crowding, overbite, underbite and tooth rotation. Unlike the familiar metal bracket and wire braces, Invisalign aligners are practically invisible and completely removable. They produce new smiles in about half the time of traditional braces and without the dietary restrictions and soft tissue discomforts common to metal brackets and wires.

How Invisalign works

Your Melbourne dentist will examine your mouth and take x-rays to determine if you are a candidate for Invisalign treatment. If so, he will create an individualized plan to send to a special Invisalign lab for creation of the 18 to 30 pairs of BPA-free aligners to be worn over the course of treatment. Dr. Richardson even may preview your new smile with a state of the art virtual representation of your teeth at various stages of correction.

Patients change their aligners every 2 weeks or so and check in with Dr. Richardson every 6 to 9 weeks for quick progress checks. Your teeth will move slowly and feel more stable and comfortable than if you were wearing metal braces. However, most patients experience some mouth discomfort and speech slurring as treatment commences. Take over the counter ibuprofen or acetaminophen for pain as needed. Your speech will correct itself quickly as your facial muscles adjust.

During treatment, you will wear your appliances for 20 to 22 hours daily. Adherence to this schedule ensures your program will finish correctly and on time. While traditional braces remain in place for as long as 2-½ years or more, depending on the complexity of the case, Invisalign delivers your straight, healthy look in 9 to 15 months. About a year is typical.

You remove your aligners for meals and for brushing and flossing. Don’t drink staining beverages such as grape juice with aligners in place. Many people use non-abrasive toothpaste or even mild soap and water to cleanse their appliances and keep them odor-free by soaking them briefly in a mouthwash such as Listerine.

Plus, you may remove your Melbourne Invisalign aligners for events such as graduations, weddings and professional conferences. Be sure to store them in a closed container when not in use.

Upon completion of your treatment, expect to wear a retainer. This removable appliance keeps your teeth in correct alignment as they stabilize. Dr. Richardson may recommend you wear your retainer constantly for 6 months and then just at night for the long term.

Learn more

Dr. Richardson holds many professional associations including membership in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He values healthy, beautiful smiles and what they do to improve the well-being of his patients.

He would be happy to consult with you about Invisalign. So, call the Melbourne dentists office today for an appointment to learn more.

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