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Dental Implants Melbroune, FL can Rely On

July 27, 2015

ThinkstockPhotos-78814148Have you ever heard the saying, “Just the tip of the ice burg?” Traditional tooth replacement only restores the tip of the dental ice burg known as the crown. Dental implants actually replace the entire tooth from the roots up. Much like the underwater portion of an ice burg, the root of your tooth is the portion that lends strength and stability to your smile. At the Melbourne, FL dental practice of Dr. Ronald E. Richardson, Jr, we offer the most innovative and effective dental implant treatments available. Dr. Richardson is an expert in dental implantology and cosmetic dentistry. Meaning not only will he offer you dental implant treatment that is effective, but it will look great too. Call our top-notch dental practice to schedule a dental implant consultation today.

Dental Implants from the Cosmetic Dentist Melbourne, FL Loves

Dental implants seem intimidating to many patients because they involve oral surgery, weeks of healing, and a significant time investment. While that may seem like a lot of effort, it’s important to realize that, unlike other types of tooth replacement, dental implants are permanent. With proper care, dental implants can last the rest of your life. Patients interested in dental implants to replace one or more teeth will undergo a two phase process. The first phase is the placement of the actual implant. Digital scans of your teeth and jaw will be taken to determine where to place the implant. You will need to undergo minor oral surgery to have the titanium posts implanted. You will then need several weeks to allow your soft tissue to heal, and your implants to fuse with your jawbone simulating the connection between jaw and root and reducing loss of gum tissue and jaw bone density.

The second phase of the process is the placement of your custom dental prosthetic. These lifelike replacement teeth are attached to your implants permanently. They will not slip and slide like some dentures, and you retain most if not all of your chewing function. Additionally, dental implants allow patients to retain their facial shape, and continue their daily oral hygiene routine.

Dental Implants – How Strong are They?

Like an ice burg, dental implants may not seem much different than traditional crown or denture replacement on the surface, but below the gum line, implants provide stabilizing support that makes your tooth replacement extremely durable. With implant supported tooth replacement, patients are able to bite into an apple, chew on gum, and eat tough meats and vegetables. The customized porcelain or ceramic replacement teeth are strong enough to chew these foods, but the implants below the gum line ensures that your teeth won’t slip or slide as you chew on even the chewiest caramel or taffy. With regular brushing and flossing, there is no reason why your implant replacement teeth won’t be strong enough to last a lifetime.

Call the Dentist Melbourne, FL Turns To

If you’re missing one or more teeth, call Dr. Richardson, the dental implant expert in Melbourne, FL to schedule a tooth replacement consultation today. We welcome patients from Melbourne, Palm Bay, West Melbourne, Satellite Beach, Suntree, and beyond.

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