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4 Ways to Prevent a Dental Implant Infection

September 30, 2019

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You just replaced your missing tooth with a dental implant in Melbourne. You know this is a smart decision with many benefits, including better oral health in the long term. But as advanced as this treatment is, did you know that there are rare instances of infection? Bacteria can infect the supporting tissue and cause the implant to fail. You certainly don’t want that to happen to your dental implant both in the immediate and the distant future. Read on to learn four things you can do to prevent a dental implant infection.

Take Care of Your Overall Health

The body and the mouth can impact each other in many ways. For example, those with poorly managed diabetes can suffer from a compromised immune system and get an infection more easily. To reduce the likelihood of an infection around your dental implant, make sure that you’re doing your best to maintain a healthy body in general. Not only will that allow you enjoy a better quality of life, but it can help your body heal properly from the placement procedure and lead to success for your implant.

Avoid Tobacco

Tobacco products have long been proven to impede the body’s ability to heal and fight infection. In fact, they encourage bacterial growth in the mouth, leading to gum disease, dry mouth, and other oral conditions. If possible, take the necessary steps to quit tobacco use altogether to ensure that your dental implant and your fully restored smile have a long, healthy life ahead.

Use Healthy Oral Habits Daily

Maintaining your dental implants requires daily effort. Brushing your teeth twice every day and flossing at least once a day removes a strong majority of the plaque and bacteria that can lead to an infected dental implant in Melbourne. To further reduce harmful bacteria in your mouth, you can also sip more water throughout the day and consume less sugar. These simple tasks only take a few minutes to do, but they can have a huge effect on the success of your dental implant and your oral health.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Although daily oral care is essential, equally important are your semi-annual checkups and cleanings with your dentist in Melbourne. These appointments enable your dentist to catch an infection as soon as possible—ideally before it has had a chance to cause damage to your smile and implant. Also, your hygienist can remove calcified plaque that you have missed in your own brushing and flossing. As a result, you can keep infection from starting in the first place.

As you do these four things, you’ll be more likely to avoid dental implant failure. Your tissues can heal around the implant post correctly and the jaw bone can surround it just like a natural tooth. Once this process is complete, you can enjoy a strong, functional, beautiful dental implant for many years to come. For more tips on taking care of your dental implant, contact your dentist!

About the Practice

Dr. Ronald Richardson has been serving Melbourne families for over 30 years. Joining him in the practice, Dr. James Trantham has over 10 years of experience. After graduating with his dental degree from the University of Florida, Dr. Trantham became a graduate of the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Post Graduate Dental Studies. In fact, he earned LVI Fellowship, which honors extensive training in physiologic science, examination procedures, and advanced aesthetics. To schedule an appointment with either Dr. Richardson or Dr. Trantham, you can call (321) 723-3477 or click here.

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