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Helping Patients Create Beautiful Smiles

At Dr. James G. Trantham, our focus is always on the patient. We want to ensure your comfort throughout every service or procedure. Our dentist, Dr. Trantham, has been serving patients in Florida since 2006, meaning he has years of experience diagnosing and providing treatment for a range of dental issues. Not only does he offer general dental service at our dentist office in Melbourne, FL, he also can perform cosmetic treatments to enhance your smile. Our entire office staff is dedicated to helping you achieve the smile you want while also remaining healthy. Contact us today to learn more.

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An Environment Where You Can Relax

When you come to our dental office, you’ll find a place where you can completely relax. We want all of our patients to feel comfortable and at ease, instead of feeling nervous. During your appointment, you’ll have the choice to watch television or a movie or listen to music on an iPod. The goal is to put you in your comfort zone so that there’s no discomfort. There are even massage chairs to give the entire office the feel of a spa. You can relax as we complete your dental work, and your appointment will be over before you know it. In addition to all the amenities designed for your comfort, our office also features some of the top dental technology to help us perform treatments better and more quickly for you.

Make an Appointment and See the Difference

Are you ready to experience the difference that Dr. James G. Trantham provides? Call us today to schedule an appointment for your first visit. You’ll notice the difference immediately upon your arrival as our waiting room is equipped with foot massagers to put you in a state of comfort right away. There’s no need to stress about going to the dentist when your dentist is Dr. James G. Trantham. We’ll ensure all of your oral health requirements are met and can even help you enhance your smile with cosmetic treatment. Contact us today, and we’ll find the perfect time for an appointment.

Helping Patients Achieve Beautiful Smiles